Faulty internet.

by Mikuhaeru


“THIS” is the last bendy straw..

Living through the awesome bass from my speakers.

Drowned in sound waves.

Teaching .. physics.. I’m so dead tired..

If everything goes along my life’s template,I’m going to get myself into a drink and game rehab.

and then die confused.

Sounds like fun.

The grass is still greener on the other side,from what ever side your standing on.

But there’s no grass here.

School starts at 2 and ends at 4 due to Chinese examinations.Yay!!! Now I’ll be home late and tired!!

The best part is the principle wasn’t even sure if we had to come to school or not.Go reliability!!

It’s going to be the pity that kills me,just let me die and we’ll be happy.

I’m gonna look back on those day and noticed how I died long time ago.

– Mikuhaeru