by Mikuhaeru

Waking up and thinking in bed,

seems like it’s becoming a habit.

Gah,I don’t want to wake up anymore..

Didn’t even realise I was sleeping in my hand phone,rolling around next to a open sissors and wraped in wires.I was ATTEMPTING to finish my art paper the night before.Well,at least thats the only reason I can think of to explain the sissors part.

Need to remove you from head.. don’t want too..

Wish I didn’t have to start over..

Why is my lighter on my pillow..

Those who love life,lose it.Those that hate it,keep it forever.

I will never knew why people,till I felt a tear of blood myself.

The sight of you is like a million sunsets,at once.

I really appreciate you.

Happy mothers day.You have 24 hours to enslave you spouse with a smile. – Mikuhaeru