by Mikuhaeru

Not sleeping can’t be good for you.

It doesn’t feel good sleeping at 7am every weekend.Then waking up 3 hours later,doesn’t feel good.At all.

It also doesn’t feel good having to go out that night to socialize with an energetic friend that just came from Brunei.

You know it’s not good when coffee puts you to sleep.

You know it’s too late when you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open in the middle of a rock concert.

But you’ll never know why I cared for you.

Played drums for church today.

Dropped my stick in the middle of a song.


Played with one stick for 30 seconds while reaching for the stick.

Realised the stick was trapped in a corner.

Used index finger to play for the rest of the song.

Found out there are extra sticks in a cupboard behind me an arm length away.

Learned how to play drum solos with fingers.

You’ve learned a new skill!

We’ll only realise how much they ment when it’s too late. – Mikuhaeru