Phone conversation with Singtel.#1

by Mikuhaeru

First call of the day. Malay male. 53 minutes.

This is my 4th call to Singtel about the same router,Singtel’s settings are giving me a hell of a problem.The router is new,and has been tested in the shop.

Good afternoon.

Hey,(Addresses problem.)

Alright,could you (Explains step by step)

Erm,okay.But that’s not the problem,I just need to know why I can’t access this page.

Okay,(Explains previous steps)

(Follows reluctantly) (Receives same pages as before I called)

Same thing..

(Explains previous steps in a much slower paste) < We’re 20 minutes into the call.

Alright.. It’s not loading.

(Long dramatic pause)


Oh,has the page loaded?


Do you have any other computers?

No. < I lied,because at this point I feel smarter then their technicians.

Do you have any other routers?


Could you hook that one up?

Why? The problem is with THIS router not THAT router..

Because you see,this router may not be compatable with your windows 7.

So my old router of 7 years will be compatable to the latest version of windows 7 rather then the new router.


*Is he serious..* Okay,okay.

Yeah,I hooked it up.