Not your life.

by Mikuhaeru

Why is everyone dying..” Too insensitive?

Insensitive would be to going through their will hoping for something to benefit from.And I for one,would never do it,on purpose.

Happy tone,remove.*

One of my cousins passed away in a car accident a few days ago.

A friends father passed away a few days ago.

Godmothers mother passed away a month ago.

Mother’s friends father passed away last week.

Another of mother’s friends father passed away last week.

My condolences goes to the families.But my pride goes to the girl that held her smile the whole week through.

Death never seems to affect me,or maybe it’s just the level of closeness that plays a big part.For some at least.

“I will live forever” But without cause nor reason.

All stars could be brighter,all hearts could be warmer.What would it take,for things to be quiet.Quiet like the snow.

I might officially have no feelings.ahaha~ I wish.

You don’t know who you are,but we have much more in common then you think.

I will live forever – Mikuhaeru