by Mikuhaeru

I hope I’m not being insensitive when I say “Okay,someone else died again.” It’s not like anyone’s hiding the fact that the probability of someone NOT dying in the world every second is equivalent to the humor of a baby seal running off the edge of a paper shredder.

It seems another one of my cousins died in the same car accident as the previous one did.

The feeling when someone you don’t really know passes away,acts as a reminder that anything could happen.

“I will live forever” Strong will,without reason nor cause.

If this keeps up I’ll be reading the obituary like a yearbook.

What would it take
For things to be quiet
Quiet like the snow
I know, this isn't much
But I know I could, I could be better

I don't think I deserve it,
Find your way into my heart
All stars could be brighter
All hearts could be warmer.


No one will find out,and If they did,they wouldn’t believe it anyway.

Find your way into my heart. – Mikuhaeru