by Mikuhaeru


My master plan is complete.

Well almost anyway.

Now for the most important part.. Ohhhh wait.Ice cream!

Well everything seems to be taking a turn.I just hope I’m heading in a new direction.

Toy story 3.

Erm.. hmm.. hmm…

Just I literally thought three times before replying the invitation.

Even AFTER I knew who was going.

This  isn’t what I had in mind.A movie marathon?

Can someone take out the “SAW” series.. Please?.. << (Yes,I have not watched it yet.And I’m genuinely asking someone to bring it that day for me to watch.)

Okay fine,I can live my youth again.But I always get weird looks when I enjoy myself..

Fine fine,I’ll look forward to it with a smile,for the fact it isn’t Shrek 4..

*Ring ring*



Btw Shrek 5 is coming out in 2013.I officially give up on the series.

Strike your own blood. – Mikuhaeru