They could never take me down.

by Mikuhaeru

Out of the million possibility,

Jealously is going to tear me apart.And I will no longer exist.

I will turn into something else.Something even I don’t want to look at.

The past will swallow me,the present will kill me,and the future will torture me.

And neither you or god will help me.My memory’s will break me down.

To the second life of 18,only despair  could await.What templates of life could never teach you.Your attempts to escape will be eager and useless.

While I an kept prisoner and you are free,there isn’t a reason why you’ll visit me.

Why am I in here?Or why are you out there.

Deprived of reason,deprived of affection.Deprived,because there once was.

Open your heart to receive your emptiness.I wear the mask to show my happiness.

Help me,help me,help me.

Couldn’t feel the pain till I learned what it was. – Mikuhaeru