Karate kid

by Mikuhaeru

If seems like forever since the last time I’ve watched a movie until I realized I watched “Prince of Persia,sands of time” just last week.It was an awkward moment when I found that those tickets were still in my back pocket.

Originally,the plan was to catch “Karate kid” sharing Jackie Chan and the black kid.But was soon pushed aside when we recalled watching the advertisement for about half an hour in a row while waiting for the “Prince of Persia”.The thought of watching it for another hour and a half on the big screen wasn’t about to make me any more comfortable with the two pop corn hungry ogres beside me.

So we moved on to plan B.

The A team

If anyone had not known,The A team had a T.V series,and about five seasons.Which makes the origin of this,now movie,VERY old.

1983 old.

So under the budget of 1.1 Billion dollars,”The A team” takes every military fantasy and brings it to life.They might will seem ridiculous at first sight but after a while,or the fifth try,it just gets too common to say anything about it.

Somehow the flying cow has become a part of our everyday lives.

“Expect the unexpected” has a very big sticker on this movie.Where everything that you thought might happen turns out to be something far greater.Sort of like an indecisive man running back and forth from a door a meter away from him while he thinks whether or not he should push or pull it.And when he pushes it,tons of cotton falls from the sky suffocating the very life out of him leaving him a very sad and confused ghost.

With a strong concentration of military humor,the movie shows lack of consideration for the majority of “people who have a life”.When a joke comes up and the whole theater starts laughing,but you’re the only one sitting there trying to find out what the hell is going on.Then someone has to explain it to you while you go “that’s a pretty clever one I guess” but it’s still stupid because someone has to EXPLAIN A JOKE.

Can’t I say I’m the minority of those that “have a life”? or is that just too flattering?..

Everything goes fine,but don’t expect a typical ending.Something worth your 10 dollars.It’s almost as good as the look on your face when they turn children into sandwiches.

– Mikuhaeru