Anyone and everyone.

by Mikuhaeru

“My turn to have a little fun! If you like this status, I will post something I like about
you on your wall! Set this as your status if you want a challenge.”

So this Facebook states has been going around for quite a bit.

Actually,it’s only been going around my “ah beng” side of my friends so I guess it isn’t really a pandemic like “Liking” states/random things.

Wait.. I guess it is still about “Liking”… Anyway..

Anyway since no one will probably like it when I post it up,I might just write about everyone (That matters) over here!


Well,not NOW.But soon,maybe,later,tomorrow.*Smiles

Or maybe if I get responds from this one,I’ll try my luck on Facebook.

Busy writing a 52 number long list.. It hurts to think this much.

But it’s worth the fun.

– Mikuhaeru