by Mikuhaeru

Well yesterday I woke up,half asleep in bed,only to find out the sky was as dark as when it was supposed to be a school day.The perfect day to sleep in,all ruined by the plans to watch the first two movies of the “Toy story” seasons.Not that I’m complaining,I’ve received my second cup to complete my MacDonald’s cup collection.

Without straying away from the point that it was raining,I recalled myself pushing aside the idea of taking an umbrella along because it wasn’t raining THAT heavily.Hell,I even walked 500 meters in that sad excuse for rain.

But what caught me by surprised today was none other then TODAY’s newspaper about a flash flood that happened that very day.Apparently 100mm(Times that to the area of singapore) of rain was dumped on the island between 8am to 11am yesterday.

Shocking pictures,people trapped.And an awfully convenient insurance advertisement right below the article.

I can picture the CEO of “Income” picturing notes of cash falling during the rainfall itself.

I’m just waiting for the day I’m on the 21st story of my block fishing for an idiot.

– Mikuhaeru