by Mikuhaeru

No,I’m not especially happy today.Not that there is any reason to be.Okay maybe a little one.Besides the point..Paper towel.


Strange as it will sound,that phrase hasn’t left my mouth since .. god kno.. oh yeah that was that one time whe-

Anyway.. Even if you tell me “Well you could always just say it now”

Well I won’t because I don’t talk to walls.All the time.

Fathers’ day is one of the only four DAYS used to celebrate a particular person/group of people.Also one of the latest of the DAYS that was announced.

Valentines day – 4th century B.C

Mothers day – 1807

Childrens day – 1953

Fathers day – 1972

Seal clubbing day – 2010

It’s almost as if everyone was sitting down one day with nothing to do while staring at a calender thinking to themselves out loud.


Well yes something is missing.It’s fishy that fathers’ day didn’t come right after mothers’ day.Don’t tell me you were busy celebrating mothers,then children,then oh my who’s that man over there?Did you have something to do with his birth?

Well of course not,because there were test tube baby’s during the 19s wasn’t there?

Now that you think your father is under appreciated.

Now follow these steps to avoid disappointment.

  1. Go to your dad in his busiest moment.
  2. Give him several beers
  3. Sell his car.

Now that I’m not sure if things are better or worst.Happy fathers’ day.