Everything that happened so far.

by Mikuhaeru

Believe me or not,I keep a small draft in my phone which I write everything that seems interesting so I may remember it when I’m too caught up in something.

And when I remember,it usually goes here.

But it seems for the pass month,me and my phone haven’t been getting along.So while it still alive,I’ll be tearing all the information it holds out of it one by one.

So bare with this outburst of randomness.

Sometime last month.

Isaac,Sim and I were walking around funan when we came across a “Japanese festival?”.After looking around the shops,maid cafes and weird photo booth thing.But just around the corner,something caught my eye.A familiar hairstyle with very familiar headphones.After tilting a little to make sure it was the wrong person,a familiar face came to mind.It was the hair and headphones or Dawn and the face of Jen.Sim confirmed that I WASN’T imagining things.That’s about it.

A few days after “last month”

Over heard a girl in about her 20’s fighting with her mother how she didn’t want to fly to Paris for the holidays instead of U.S.

I wonder if she knows how many people would kill for that choice.

IT Fair

“Turn my software into hardware baby” – Joshua Isaac.


Has anyone been to “Din Tai Fung”?

There’s one located at TM,right next to pizza hunt.

Anyway.. I came across this unfamiliar Chinese restaurant or “Dim sum” paradise,my parent wanted to try the food.Well I couldn’t pick out what I wanted to eat,everything was in Chinese..

Well,for one,everything tasted like soya sauce when it came to noodles.

The Dim sum was okay I guess.. I can’t help but give them credit for their work.Every “bao” was hand crafted and WEIGHTED!!!

Red bean dumplings can’t be good for you…


I’m just plain tired..

I guess I’ve always been tired.

I’m suppose to be going to my dads place today.Then I realize of my commitment to study this Friday.And so shall it be!

Anyone has any good names for my new computer?