Don’t look to high for the flying fish.

by Mikuhaeru

“oh youth day celebration was unexpectedly exciting!”

Nah.. I went home to have some quality time with my bed even before it started.Being me,I don’t really care what goes on in school. But hey,I’m getting to school on time EARLY.

See that! See that! .. You don’t really care do you.

I need a memory deleting function in my head.

Speaking of memory’s,has anyone held of Flashbulb memory? No? >>> Wikipedia

I love those memory’s,but I’m sorry,you’re going to be the death of me.

Maybe if everything worked out I wouldn’t be subconsciously hitting my head against me window grill.

Or maybe my bass is too loud.

Till you get rid of me.

Either way,good night.

– Mikuhaeru