the Twilight saga Eclipse

by Mikuhaeru

I’m back from my midnight movie which was unsuspectingly “Eclipse” which might be familiar to you as the “Sparkly” Vampire.Well,I’m not a big fan of the series. Neither am I a hater. I give everything an equal opportunity to present it’s self. Okay maybe I’m a little racist but that’s not the point.

As an unusually way of rebelling against all stereotypes,I read most book series backwards. Because I read the book in early 2008,eclipse so happened to be the latest book in the series. Take note this happened before the “Fan v.s haters” war begin,and the books publicity was kept to posters and word of mouth,instead of the current “I burned Stephenie Meyer’s twilight and made a video about it.”

I thought it was pretty okay.

The concept wasn’t anything new,”superhero’s in love” wasn’t really the newest thing I’ve seen while watching anime.

What I think people were so angry about,was the fact that someone was making money out of imagination.No one cares if the vampires are shiny,sparkly or shatter on impact. < That happens if you didn’t know.They only care if you make millions of dollars about it.And she did,so out comes the complains.

Everyone comes out with their own reason or another why they hate the book/author.More professional internet trolls come up with fancy ways,but the point doesn’t fall far from “I hate you”.

Now before I stray too far from the point,”Eclipse” starts off confusing for those who did not watch the first two movies and/or read the first two books.Which so happened to be my case.Suggesting that the movie was plainly made to appease the angry mob or fans outside the directors house.Which has currently increased in size,pressuring for the next squeal “breaking dawn”.

The movie throws you in the middle of the woods where suddenly the world is after Bella swan.

Without having too much of a spoiler,the director seems to be scared to death by the fans which also has his family hostage,because during your 2 hour movie,you will notice a very confused couple exchanging faces for 15 minutes at a time for A FEW particular scenes.

About the cast..

The vampire is played by a skinny pale .. thing.

Honestly I think the werewolf looks better.

And Alice played by Mary Alice Brandon, looks much better then Bella swan,which was played by someone I didn’t even bother enough about to get here name.

Eclipse is just another “For fan’s OVA”.

Another one of those,

5/10 preparing for the big fight.

1/10 showing how small the big fight actually is.

4/10 face exchanging.

So unless you’ve completed the following steps,Eclipse is not for you.

  1. Finish the first two books and movies of the series.
  2. Brain wash yourself to think that Edward Cullen is the most romantic thing you’ve ever seen.
  3. take 10SGD out of your wallet
  4. Burn it,because at least you now have some ashes instead of disappointment.

Because every teenage girl loves to wake up to a walking glaciers that absorbs blood like a sponge.

Because that’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever seen.

Because Buffy the Vampire slayer needs to get back to work.

– Mikuhaeru