Sometimes a wall is all you need.

by Mikuhaeru

Her prince finally came to save her
And the rest you can figure out
But it was a trick
And the clock struck twelve

– Brick by boring brick,Paramore.

Suddenly,I have received an energy boost from god knows where at 11.35pm .. Not the right place or the right time.Suddenly I look like the happiest person on earth,I would know that because I feel a little stretch at my cheek.

Is that a genuine smile I see coming up?

It might have been.

I’m just laughing at the fact that after everything that happened,I’m still alive.

I’m not in Australia.

I’m not broke.

I’m not homeless.

I’m not in jail.

I’m not dead yet.

And I even have things others want.Oh template.. Did I sell me soul for gold and silver?

I’ll only envy you for the people around you,nothing else.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.Ahaha.I don’t care anymore!

I’ll be happy till I go crazy. Cheers!

– Mikuhaeru