Achievement unlocked.

by Mikuhaeru

Achievement unlocked.

If know know what this phrase is about,you’re probably a gamer.

or you’ve seen the countless parody’s about gamers.

Either way,it’s just flashy words,indicating that you’ve done something with your life!

Or your another step closer to throwing your life away.

Funny.. I saw that a week ago.

After long and hard work,I’ve finally completed “Dawn of war,Dark Crusade”. You have no idea what it is,do you?To cut things short,I spend days on this game.Or if you like,72 hours.(It makes the number a little bigger.) So I’ve completed the game.YES! “Now what?” What? I don’t even get a prize?

I’ve seen all the parody’s about gamers.I get the joke.But let me get this clear.

I don’t own an X-box or a PS3.

I don’t play for 12 hours straight,anymore.

You won’t see me cursing and swearing at the screen.In fact,I’m much more mature talking to other players online which is weird.(I guess it’s how it is when everyone your talking to already has kids and a job)

I would rather not talk about games,unless I have nothing better to do.Or “Nothing worst can come out of this”.

I have more “Achievement unlocked” that it’s just not funny anymore.

Ah. .. Stupid curtain.


I’ve always known that all these “awards” are pointless,but I guess it’s a small sense of achievement,when there hasn’t been any for a few days/months.

And the N levels are coming,maybe that’s another reason to just stop.

Then again I have a competition in two days time.. and It happens to be on a friend’s birthday.(I might be late,ahaha!~)

… This was going somewhere.. I’m just too tired to think.. I’ll think about it.. tomorrow.. neuu.. nighh.t..