Center stage?

by Mikuhaeru

Center stage.A small singing/musical competition held by Duman High Secondary school.

Talking about first impressions,EDS night makes “center stage” look like it was hosted in an the garage of a 12 year old boy.Talk about low budget.. I seen kindergartens with better MC’s .. (Okay maybe it isn’t that bad,but it’s close!)

Besides the horrible “new” sound girl and faulty microphones,that made everyone sound like choking chipmunks,most of the contestants “can’t sing”.The funny part is I attended the semi finals.Can someone tell me what was going on during auditions?

I get that it’s a school competition,but don’t you think “Equal rights” and “Fair chance” are  being shoved in far down the audience throats?

“AsIwalkthroughtheshadowofdeathIwillfearnoevil” ,this might have been going through your mind while they make you swallow a thousand needles  < (adapted from Japanese promises) through your ear. < (adapted from my imagination)

Even as I type this under the influence of alcohol,hate and anger,I’ve managed to pull of a happier tone.

Look at you,it’s like I don’t know you anymore.

Mymy.. what do we have here? (Smile)