Being a friend.

by Mikuhaeru

I’m starting to think about the people I’m actually taking under my wing.

Friends help each other no matter what the circumstances.Their there for you no matter what.And relations develop from then.But how does one PICK a friend?

Does one have conditions before picking such a person? And for one,no one really remembers how they met their “friends” in general.

How did I end up with my bunch of crazy people?

How did I suddenly have a bond with the general student body?

How did I end up with people that forget to breath while painting?

How did I end up with people that shout “I want A MILLION CHEESE CAKES FROM SWITZERLAND!!,to go.” At a restaurant

It’s even funnier if you knew how I started out.

And Today is another great example of how DEADlines bring out the truth in people.

And suddenly I feel a great pain.I guess I’m tired.

I hate myself because I want to forget you

– Mikuhaeru