The grand opening.

by Mikuhaeru

*Get’s ready for opening speech*

After long hours of editing,training,blood and sweat,I proudly present

Yes it’s not today.


Yesterday night at 3.15am,I finally completed editing the last second of my video,and as I happily announced to the world that I was going to show case it,Youtube and/or Miss Widow(Yes,I named my computer) decided it wasn’t good enough to host my video online.

It’s probably my computer because my brothers one was uploading it just fine.

And just as it was about to be completed,my dearest mother decided to be ever green and power saving.

Yeah,now I’m going to use more power to re upload it again!

So since it didn’t register in my head that 485 mb was close to half a gigabyte and decided it would be best to upload it at it’s full quality,it would probably be realized today at 12am.

You definably won’t be staying up to catch it.

Last but not least.. How far would you go to see my classroom tables set on fire as a whole?

–  Mikuhaeru