Koi milk.

by Mikuhaeru

So today began a wonderful slack day as I woke up greeted by two bottles of coke,marathon gaming,and slacked off at parkway.

If anyone knows,KOI cafe is a bubble tea shop.

“Koi” is also a fish.

But KOI cafe is not a fish milking facility.

KOI’s caramel milk tea taste like hotcakes with syrup from MacDonald.

So that’s what hotcakes are made of..

So tomorrow I will be waking up at 7.30-8,early then my normal sleeping not to go to school but to fold paper cranes.And then I question myself while still half asleep why I’m even awake as I pretend to shoot every object on my table with my imaginary handguns.

And as I wake up from my snooze of the floor I will be taking a trip to RI.

Short story shorter,I will be going shopping after.

I wish to buy myself some headphones.I would like them very much.

And since I have nothing planned out for the rest of my like,I will continue as a wondering zombie as activity’s continue to hit me in the face every week.Thank YOU for being a part of this wonderful life.Good night.