I’m sorry.

by Mikuhaeru

Today I..

Okay I just want to shed some light on extremely awkward goodbyes.When someone follows you not knowing what the hell is going on next,please state your purpose,followed by “I’ll be off” or something similar before the “good bye” and “have a nice day” instead of “what are you doing here” or “you can go now” which would make anyone feel like courier for hire.

Now then.

Today …

My memory are going to kill me.

Today I made my way to Bishan Mrt as a pit stop before heading over to Raffles institution,a school I never thought I would enter physically.With a purpose of good will to fold paper cranes where every paper crane would be equivalent to a bowl of rice or 100g(Not that I know the comparison) the reward of CIP hours seem to be the drive of most participants attending today.E.g “the one that was sitting beside the one on my left,and then another one to her left.”

As my purpose of actually waking up early on a weekend wave’s through your mind unconfirmed,I still can’t seem to get use to this world,or this life.Yes I totally changed the subject.Because of a flash bulb memory that won’t stop haunting me.Really .. really.. haunting me..

Now to the main purpose of the title.

Recently.. or since Primary 5,I’ve been tolerating this natural phenomenon called “Pain”.Although emotional pain is still as irritating as fine class powered layered across your only source of toilet paper,physical pain is something that I found burden.The world as we know it has used physical pain as a source of punishment as a punishment or threat and while physical pain is usually followed by sadness or a little discontentment I feel the heavy need to remove “pain nerves” in my own body.But the debate slowly ended today as I jabbed my foot straight on to a stair,ignoring the little fuzz,and caring on my errands.All this was done consciously and soon found myself limping quite a bit.

Since the brain can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagination until consciousness gives you a slap,wouldn’t it all be okay even if I did ignore everything? My numb foot says otherwise,because if I keep this up,I don’t think my physical body will last for another 10 years.

While I debate with myself about whether or not I should start taking precautions,it brings me to something else that I was thinking about.

Side note,I think about things ever so randomly,while the natural priority or my mind seems to be a little reversed,please excuse the video I sent around.I thought it was pretty funny.(If you didn’t get it,It means I thought about the side effects that might turn the joke into a campaign hungry for my blood)

People I never lie to.

There are three types of people that fit under this category.

Where I will only talk about two. Or maybe the last one just isn’t a category.

Most people would belong in the first category,which I will name.. the First Category.

You’re just fun to talk to,and we don’t talk about anything too serious.

The Second Category

“There’s no point lying cause One,

It’s not even fun.

And Two,

my next pay check depends on how happy you are”

And while the 3rd category is lost like the piece of the puzzle without any corners,I’ll let you know about people I will defiantly lie to if I deem the situation worth.

“Hi,you are obviously trying to hide something,and I can already take a gimps of what it is.While you take everything I have ever wanted for granted,I hope you choke on your dinner”

To those people who take the yellow ribbon my my bag for a joke,I hope your friends die in prison as a very lonely man.Good day.