Thoughts for today.

by Mikuhaeru

Be warned… Quite a long post to make up for my laziness the pass few days.

Heaven doesn’t want me.

Hell’s too good for me.

I could have died countless amount of times,but their pumping me with life just to see me try.

To me it looks so pretty burning

I didn’t fall in love with looks.But I would turn back time just to do it all again,even with the same outcome.

Traveling around Singapore has grown on me.

Too much food.

Can I drown? Just let me drown.. oh.. there I float again..

There I go again,just as I thought I reached the bottom.

Today just .. placed a phrase in my head. “Why did I leave my house today? ” And I couldn’t answer such a question.

Or there just wasn’t a answer good enough. It’s not worth it. It’s never going to happen. Just can’t convince me to stop trying.

And every moment the wound gets bigger.

I never fell in love with looks.But I appreciate everything that happened.

It’s by chance that I will see you.

It’s by grace that I can converse with you.

It’s a honor to interact with you.

It’s still a  miracle I met you.