by Mikuhaeru

Okay,let’s finally get this going.

Yeah it’s an old game.Not like MW2 needs reviewing.

Prototype is a sand box game which slowly throws away your sand as you progress through the story line.You can think of this as GTA without the girls and the cars.

Okay you get the car’s but your just throwing them around.

You start off as Alex,a confused man searching for his pass and how he was transformed into “Superman” Without giving away the storyline.(Which isn’t as great and long as it seems)

The population of THE TOWN which I think is new york.. slowly becomes infected and the military comes in and starts clearing up which never explains why they never evacuated the healthy side of the town.

Either way you can walk around the town consuming humans for health or just their look or carry them to very very tall buildings and throwing them off. And when the entire town becomes infected you realized they just threw away your play time and gave you a day job.What the game lacks is an idea of what it’s trying to be,or portray it’s hero. At first he was Wolverine then the Hulk suddenly spiderman,half the time peter pan and I think I saw “samurai jack” from cartoon network in there somewhere.

To compensate for the fun they removed from covering the town in zombies they removed every ounce of intelligence from soldiers across the country. You could run around with a car in your arms and they wouldn’t notice a thing,or jump from the empire estate building land face first creating a crater in the ground and they might suspect something is wrong.

Besides the characters fetish for “the truth” the game gives you every right and every way for a wonderful day of a smashing good time.