Side two.

by Mikuhaeru

I’ve been told countless times,you play by the sword,you die by the sword. It’s not just meant to discourage violence, but look at it as “treat others how you would like to be treated”. I hope no one see’s me as someone that would purposefully create trouble.

First and foremost I don’t care about your problems if you act like the world owes you a little face. Your not going to get the box of chocolates by waving a dagger around and expect us to leave our sword on the floor.

You see us as we are,we’re not playing you out. We’re just showing respect. What we go through everyday doesn’t come close to what you think you’ve been through. This isn’t to push anyone down, just to convince myself everyone’s different.

But sadly,you’ll never know what we hold back when you playfully taunt us. If you think we’re acting up, you’ll never see how much we humble ourselves. Have humbled ourselves. Let the truth be told,but never heard.

I’m sorry.