Merry Christmas.

by Mikuhaeru

As close to 400 views are generated each day on this blog solely due to that MRT map I posted last year, I’m quite happy to call this my own personal space where no one else but me will click the “random post” button so I can look back at myself and see how much I’ve grown.

It seems every year I receive lesser and lesser presents but the value of the presents have significantly increase to even top the recent years of presents values combined. It feels kind of good getting off the “presents list” and into peoples hearts. If you don’t already know (I was telling everyone I possibly could) I got 11 points for my N levels. Which was pretty good, I mean I got 4 A’s and one B 4.( Yeah I said it AGAIN!) And because of this I was given rewards for my hard work and achievement.

200 dollars from my uncle – 50 for every A

500 from my dad.

50 from my aunt.

50 from another aunt.

50 from my mum’s friend.

and a Nerf gun. Yeah I feel like a child again, running around with a fully automatic weapon.  I’ve just taken up a small hobby to painting my guns. It hasn’t really been going as well as I expected, but.. it’s good. I painted my gun Black and Pink. I also named it Jenifer. Well.. I was trying to make reference to the movie “Jenifer’s body” where this supposedly hot woman is.. some sort of thi.. She eats people.

Well one reason or another I tagged it at the side, Jen.

It’s kind of strange because I have a friend named Jen..and I pray it doesn’t become the talk of the town. I would think of it as an honor, but .. what the hell.. people will think otherwise. Like I care, It’s my gun. It feels weird when I talk to it, just because of it’s name.