Good evening 2011.

by Mikuhaeru

Well, I guess I should make some changes this year. Other then going to Sim’s house to study really hard. Forget it, its like every other year.

Things going to happen in the next two weeks. Going to buy paint for Jenifer, 3.7 voltage batteries and AA to D.. converters? I think? this happens… 2moro.. yeah..

The day after that is the first day of school! Yeah! I’m just really excited to see our classes! I’m going to dedicated a whole section for my predictions!


So last year (2010) we had 3 classes. 4N1 4N2 4N3.

4N1, suppose to be the better class. Well they take about 8 subjects (I think) and I take 5. Yeah you can imagine a little “best to worst” line with 4n1 on the right and me hopping with minimal energy on the left.

4n2, the “history and DNT’ class.

4n3, the “Geography and ART” class.

Well, after the N levels about 20 people failed. That means a little less then one class failed, and was forced to ITE etc.

So what the school did in 2009 (Cause the same thing happened) was they take the few that moved on to sec 5, and throw them into two classes.But I don’t see how this works out..

4n1 might have their own class, so 4n2 4n3 might have to merge, but we take 2 different subjects. So how does that split out? Or rather I hope they don’t work it out. I need this thing called.. Private space. Well, I rather be with one person, or an army. Not a crowd.. I mean.. a massive army. The little small groups (4-5) are like that disgusting luke warm in drinks no one likes. Not saying I hate it.. just saying I don’t prefer it. I mean, there’s not enough attention to go around. Seriously.

What I meant by private space, is.. I know quite a lot of people from 4n2. And I liked my small group that NO ONE disturbs in 4n3. If we merge, my group will start to spread until I cover half the class and things will go out of control splitting the group making me look very very bad. Not to students, I don’t care about them. Others. Yes, others.

Just to clear things up, I don’t care about how you view me. I care about reputation. Same thing? there’s a difference.

The very next day, … there’s this girl which name I can’t even get right that’s migrating to Australia. How far apart are we in terms of relationship?

Friends? Not really.

Facebook? No.

Had a conversation with her? No.

Talk to her more then once? Yeah.

We took ONE picture together with a few other friends, her mum took it at an Anime festival.

The strange thing is I heard she was moving before. But I never felt anything towards that ever since then. Somehow.. after Sim told me we were sending her off this Wednesday, I suddenly felt some kind of sadness. Strange enough.

I guess it kind of reminds me how much my grandparents are trying to ship me off to Australia. I guess I feel sad because I assume she thinks the same way. Probably not. Just my own thoughts. Guess I’ll make her something, It is a once in a life time thing anyway.