How long does it take to make a damn cheese burger?!

by Mikuhaeru

Today.. went.. Surprisingly..well? huh. Weird. Since a period of my life, I’ve always felt like “Touma” from “To Aru Majutsu no index.”

And as I thought of how the day went from (yesterday) deadly horrible to peaceful, I think I’m falling into my depressive day dreams again..

and now that I’m playing with my knife and enjoying the smell of metal, ….. Nevermind.

The calf is born. It takes at least one year to grow into a cow big enough to slaughter. Then it takes the butcher a week to cut it up and use the remains to make the required ingredient. Then it goes to the grinder,distributor and shipper and supermarket.You may then purchase it a month later.After receiving your ingredient, you will take about 6 minutes to make your burger. If you add it all up,it’s about 1 year, 5 weeks, and 6 minutes.

Yeah okay.

Was at 313 orchard, wanted to look for a toy shop to take a look at some guns. And it’s at that place, when someone told me it wasn’t a place where they actually sell toys, my nightmare came back to strangle me. How imagination memories kill.