Things I missed in the previous years.

by Mikuhaeru

Was thinking about this last night but was too lazy to get up from bed to type it.


I miss how I ran around, rolling on carpets, look up and see you looking down at me. Then stare at each other for a minute and wonder what the hell was going on. (2006)

I miss how I could leave school, look at my phone and see a message from you everyday. And that’s how life went for the entire year.(2007 – 2008)

I miss how I skipped school everyday of the week (2008) And that’s how life went for the entire year.

I missed how I met someone new,that we actually had lots to talk about. (2009)

I miss how I could sit in class, face the left and talk to all my friends. (2009 – 2010)

I miss the times I sat at MacDonalds with two of my friends at 7.30 in the morning on a school day. The air and environment was wonderful. (2010)

I miss how we walked aimlessly around Singapore, doing anything and everything we wanted. Doing crazy things that no one else would. (2010)

I miss going to Punggol, I felt like a king there. I had everything. (2010)

I miss how I stayed up for ungodly hours just to talk.(2010)

I miss how I actually meant something to you.(2010)

I miss how I actually meant something to myself.(2010)

I miss sleepover’s. (2o10)

I miss 2o1o.

In the year 2011, everything is starting to fade away. My friends are slowly moving, not everyone makes the effort to stay together. Massive changes are happening this year, and it’s only been a month… This years.. better fly.

I wish things were back the way they were, everything. I don’t even know what to think, what to say, how to make things better, not to make them worst. This isn’t suffering in silence, I’m screaming with hate at the top of my voice.