Its never going to work out, is it?

by Mikuhaeru

Strange as it seems, ….

Well, I was never able to pull out my “One in a million” anyway. It seems I’m in the perfect mood for posting. I’ve already explain my various posting moods before.

If you go to a lucky draw(etc) and there are one million people participating and you have magical powers to turn back time, after trying about a million times you would have won due to the sheer and strange fact of probability. But this isn’t a lucky draw, nor do I have magical powers to turn back time. … I guess it doesn’t work out that way. Whats the use of trying if it will never happen? That even chance and gamble wouldn’t change anything?

Even typing this is a form of resistance against “fate” or “will”. I keep telling myself it will never happen and its probably true but I have doubts. One sided doubts. They say if you give up hope your chances are zero, but what do you fight with when your not against chance, I’m not even against fate.

Its an everyday pain I feel, never fails to surprise me.

Something time doesn’t seem to heal very well.