Not your average fight.

by Mikuhaeru

I wonder when will people learn that “Staring” is the stupidest reason to start a fight.

Forget the details and straight to the point. As much as I wouldn’t like to get punched in the face, I guess I was a little too slow to dodge. Why I didn’t kill him on the spot is another problem all together. What started from my peaceful talk about how I didn’t want to fight with him became my roaring rage that could be heard from all corners of the school.

It wasn’t your average fight, why? Because there was no fight. I looked at him right after the blow, he was already walking away. Lucky boy hit me in the bone.

Why didn’t I retaliate? I choose to be a “good” for once and to report the matter. But not before scaring the attacker off. That little boy was already shivering in my face.

But why am I upset now? Why doesn’t the “right thing” feel good? Justice is never served. He got away with one stroke of the cane. Good enough exchange? Unless the saying is an eye for a eyelash I think that was the stupidest thing I ever done.

Every time I come back from a fight, I’m greeted by good remarks from peers, how “strong” I am. Everyone knows I can fight well. I’ve been through the few cases.

Today I was greeted by question. Why didn’t I fight back? I could have just spread him on the ground. Today “I did the right thing” everyone was quite shocked, but happy in a sense. I received a lot of support by my surrounding classmates. After telling them how lightly he got away, they told me they were going to get him if I didn’t do it. I would thank them for the support, I guess this would be the bad times rather then the good.

Halfway through writing the report of “doing through the right thing”, I kept imagining the voice. Telling me that I did, indeed do the right thing. That she was happy for me. Right when I knew that wouldn’t be happening, I raged war on myself on the inside.

Really wished.. encouragement.