Reason for my loud surround sound?

by Mikuhaeru

Sometimes you just need to get away from the world. Break free from problems, nothing else matters.

Two “Edvan” Speakers on the top of my desk.

Two “Sonic gear” speakers below my desk.

and two “No idea what brand” speakers next to my bed.

Most of the time I blast my music while playing my online games. My online community is build of around 5-6 regular guys just getting together every night just for a few games. What I love most about this community is our random chat sessions during the games, weither about their work or about life in general. My uncles and brothers. Music at that level cuts me from the rest of the world, it’s only them and I.

Of course songs play a really big part, you can find my choice of music from lyrics I post. Usually they mean something, important.

I wish I could just laze on my bed with all that music playing, you’ll get most of the surround sound from that spot. These few years, I haven’t actually gotten any business to be on the bed, besides sleeping. Well, my little notebook(computer) use to be placed beside my bed, but I have this monster now.

I  carried out long conversations on my phone, relaxing on the bed, but that doesn’t seem to be happening nowadays.

blar blar blar.

Yeah, it’s good.

My conscience found its new name
 It tries, and gets me in a new way
 I’m like a voice in the city
 I know I won’t find you this time.