Live life the best you can.

by Mikuhaeru

“How’s life?”

I laughed.

I have this thing for spoiled kids people. A strong hate towards them. “I don’t hate rich people, I hate assholes. And most of them happen to be rich. ”

These days have been quite relaxing lately. The last time I had a problem was probably …

The last time I had a problem in school was probably subjects that I had to cope with. Back then I thought if I dropped art I would have enough time for everything else. Today, art is giving me one of my A’s. It’s hard to find the perfect solution then and there. But today I look back and notice I have all the solutions for previous problems, and their much more simple then expected. Maybe it has something to do with maturity.  Then I look around me and notice I’m probably the most mature one around.. Then I look again and notice there’s no one around me.

” You’ll know when you get older. ” – Funny thing is.. I AM OLDER.

I said that when I was 11. then 13 then 16 and today.

That’s nice. pat pat*