Pointless fighting.

by Mikuhaeru

Background information.

” Boy A lends Boy B phone. Boy B loses phone. Boy A finds phone. Boy A pretends that phone is still missing. Boy B proposes fight. (Rumored). Class encourages Boy A. Class arranges for Boy A and B to fight. “

Here’s the thing.

Boy A and Boy B are both losers. You could call them the “Unpopular kids”

Boy A is just a shadow in the background.

Boy B is always picked on by the class.

I keep finding Boy A around me.. no matter how much displeasure I show him. If you know me long enough, I tend to show much more care and concern to the “Unpopular” kids in my class. But I don’t tend to posers. Boy A is a perfect example. He hangs around Foo most of the time and both of them seem to get along, and he slowly found himself to my lunch table.

Today was the arranged fight date. For some reason he was still proud of what he was doing.

” The whole class is cheering me on. They all hate Boy B.”

” They hate Boy B,but do you think they love you? “

I was trying to hint to him that the class wasn’t on his side trying to cheer him on. They just wanted to see a fight. I don’t think he listened.

So there we were, at the location of the fight. Both of them were getting ready, but I could see the reluctance in their eyes. The whole class was there to watch their show, and it took a few jokers to get the fight rolling. They just wanted to see a fight. I had to admit, I was quite excited. I tested Boy A’s punch speed and strength awhile back and won without even touching him. Boy B was just a mutt without any moral support. Soon the excitement died. Half the class began to leave, but the fight still carried on. As I looked back, only five of them were left, but the fight still carried on. I was laughing with a few classmates and friends, those two didn’t even know what hit them.

They were no different from clowns, on a stage put up for laughs. There they were giving all they had, and here we were shaking our heads and laughing at they best shot.

Even Ab laughed at them, that’s kind of embar…

Even Foo laughed at them. I can’t think of anything worst.

In school, I have my image. So no one openly challenges me to a fight. I’m just winning everyday.