Vicious cycle.

by Mikuhaeru

The phrase ” I kill or you settle yourself. ” has never brought me so much laughter in my life. It’s nice to know I’m safe if anything gets out of hand. Today also marks the first day I’ve been lectured about how small matters like this are.

” It’s okay. You know where you stand. ” – Is this really the way to go? The only thing keeping me from using the knife is the law. I might just be happy go stabbing. But why can’t I just leave them alone? Very simple. If no one stops them, their actions will hurt more and more people. And If I don’t stop them, who will?

The next person? Or the next one? Or do we have to wait till they’ve hurt a thousand more people before someone finally catches up with them. Yet, I never threw the punch. Why didn’t I?

” Those that love life, lose it. But those that give it away, truly live.”

The only question I’m asking myself right now is ” Am I doing the right thing? “. By leaving the matter as it is? Obviously killing them is over the top. Beside the only reason I would go after them would be to see their sorry faces. If I let them go, there will not be any consequences for their actions today. And similar acts will continue. Or should I leave it as it was, and spend my time doing something else? Either way, what do I lose?


But I there’s always something to gain.