Nerf war.

by Mikuhaeru

I forgot to bring my camera.. so no footage.

My first “official” Nerf war competition. Long story short, we won second place.

I only participated because my cousin said I could use my guns. But turned out I couldn’t ONLY AFTER, I brought all my stuff TO SENGKANG.

Tiring day. Defiantly could have won first place.. in which I would have won a 20 dollar shopping voucher. Well.. it’s still something. Well if I did win the voucher, you would be getting a letter again.

Went to watch priest right after with Isaac ab and Chirsterfor. Stupid movie, don’t feel like writing a review.

Had an Ice cream eating competition with Isaac using only chopsticks. The ice cream was the really soft kind, so we weren’t really rushing to beat each other, but rather the speed of the Ice Cream turning to water.

Fun day, carried lots of stuff. I’m tired.