Captain America

by Mikuhaeru

Captain America..

Well I’m not an American so you’ll probably feel my hostility towards propaganda, especially American one. It doesn’t help the fact that the original comic was made during world war II, while the Nazi’s were running around and this was their little mascot showing to prove how great and powerful America was.


The story takes place in ..

HYDRA.. also known as red skull (the main villain) finds a really bright ice-cube containing unlimited power. Kind of like a 4.7volt in today’s 1.5volt standard issue. His game plan was to harness its power and win the war through the disgustingly advanced technology which was powered by his little ice-cube. In fact the weapon’s he had and powered were so disgusting overpowered I don’t even know how his bases were continuously broken by Propaganda man. NEVERMIND..

If you take a good look at Captain America, you’ll notice he isn’t very effective. His shield isn’t even an arm’s length wide, they could have easily blown off his toes. Well he did get injected with some serum that gives him super morethenaveragehuman strength and speed but he doesn’t even seem to take advantage of it.

About that shield of his.. made from a metal called vibranium.. basically it absorbs all force.. or something like that I can’t really tell. It’s kind of like the shield that nothing can piece through brightly showcased with the spear that can piece through anything. It doesn’t hold, in fact it’s very splashy. But what IS Captain America’s true power?

I watched the movie with a friend and we’ve narrowed it down to a regeneration capability called American propaganda. American propaganda man will never lose a fight clearly because he is never placed against his odds. If the “Green Lantern” is fueled by willpower then Captain America is fueled by “believe” of a 12-year-old semi retarded child.