FOC – Flight of characters 4.

by Mikuhaeru

Type – PC under warcraft III engine.

Well I was getting quite bored of dota so I scrolled along to the mini game section and rediscovered my love for anime and their related games. Flight of characters uses the warcraft engine with anime like hero models for players to fight it out in a small PVP area. So you have heros like naruto, saber inuyashia.. fighting it out getting exp from warcraft creeps and buying warcraft tombs to kill each other even more.

I thought it was a pretty good idea. Makes me feel like digging up my psp again and reinstalling the games I loved so much. But other then the lack of hero variety, the game has a very strange take on the world balance. While I’ll just throw all the items aside, the host of the game has to come up with his own set of personal bans. The game creators won’t just remove the characters or just change their skill set completely, I was wondering if they were just getting a little lazy. If you haven’t realized from the title, this is the FORTH installment, and their at version 8.8o now..

It’s like the whole development team is drunk on seaweed juice or they just love ROCK LEE so much they can’t bare to part with him. When you literally have to have external bans every time you play the game, it feels like there’s a huge tumor growing out of the games back and no one even notices it or even bothers to do anything about it. Maybe if it started raging and eating at your flesh you’ll pay it some long due attention.

I just don’t get FOC.. so I looked it up online to find it’s forum. “Oh my some long sort after organization”, I thought to myself. While I almost cried my eyes out of the maturity of the forum moderators and staff. There was no BALANCE section.. I’ve given up, the search is done. I’ve found to reason to carry on with this game, you’ve been a stepping stone in my life while I go find the REAL naruto.. or some other character. You’ve been a very bias chap and a hardcore communist so here’s a cookie. Enjoy it while I send you down the nine levels of hell.