Final Destination 5.

by Mikuhaeru

Final Destination, you put up a good fight. With the fake blood and flying flesh you’ve encouraged me with my mediocre video editing skills. However dangling a toy over an excited kitten only works when it’s view not behind your back in a few blocks away in another continent.

Final Destination has adopted a new style of death although one I don’t find very Pleasing. Most final destination death scenes follow a strict

Showcase of danger -> Disaster -> Almost killing -> Dead -> Gruesome finish.

Final Destination 5 plays around with this line of excitement.

While “Disaster” seems to be taking up most of the picture and “Almost killing” dragging on like a poorly funded striptease, “Gruesome finish” adds the last “pie in your face moment” before littering your dinning area with recycled confetti. This seems a little rehearsed.

You wouldn’t rehearse eating by chowing down an entire buffet line to perfect your eating skills before you take a shot at that apple pie you’ve been saving. Then why would you do it with films? Looking back at the Final Destination series they share an awkward similarity to a youtuber putting out videos for practice, comparison and feed back in hopes they would get better each day. The only difference they share is the millions of dollars in difference!

This might seem as a complement but I’m just getting a little confused. The winning points of final destination has never been it’s storyline. This style seems awfully familiar.. Why is starwars giving you that dirty look?


This would probably be the first time Final Destination has adapted a survivor and reveled the rules of the game.

Rules of Final Destination.

  • It doesn’t matter if you survive the premotion. (Starting scene)
  • If death is after you, you have the option to take someones life, swapping each others fate. (Fate is a funny thing)

So now that I’ve picked by blunt weapon of choice, time to bash on this .. Storyline?

Final Destination has always been about bad choices, the kind that gets you sleeping in crystal lake on Friday the 13th. Freak accidents take most of the kills in MW2, they happen around the corner waiting for you the whole day. And if you don’t die, you get killed by the secondary claymore while echos of a players cheer for getting extra points for an “afterlife” achievement.

But NO mw2 Final Destination 5 has brought a new ball to the court. A fight scene between two humans, yay wait no I don’t want saw dust in my pasta..

The twist in the story is pretty cool. Though it will potentially start a debate if this is Final Destination 5 or Final Destinations prequel or just mess with someones filing cabinet.

You looked like a cool kid Final Destination. But now that I’ve gotten to know you, your just a rich kid wearing china imitations begging for friends.