Guilty Crown and Shakugan No Shana III

by Mikuhaeru

Don’t look at me like that, I’ve been studying.

This isn’t actually the latest anime news but I’ve recently watched the first episode of Shakugan No Shana III and Guilty Crown.

Guilty Crown, somehow keeps pushing my head towards Code geass THE BEST ANI  is about a calm young boy with strange housing habits who is craving so hard for an adventure that the sour plum factory for pregnant females have turn their attention to something of actual worth. He gets himself stuck in some code.. geass moment where instead of kissing a girl and making his pact, he sticks his hand into the chest of his “partner” and pulls out a very long brown rock hard sword..

Shakugan No Shana II had a pretty good ending which seemed to point into the direction of a relationship development but instead slaps you across the face with the “it was all a dream” ending, which in this case is a disgusting START. Well yes, I was a Shakugan No Shana fan boy but since duke nukem forever had its release, it proves a point that nothing could be worth it’s wait.
Overall Guilty Crown > Shakugan No Shana III, at least based on its first episode. This is coming from someone who would be slightly bias towards Shakugan No Shana. Now we can all sit around and sacrifice 14-year-old ah lians to the gods of lolicon so that K-on season two will never see its face being passionately produced. Oh wait..