Traveling with death

by Mikuhaeru

Death might be a scary thing to you, but honesty I don’t see anything to be afraid of. If only you knew what I knew. You’ll pick a fight with the world and dare them to take you on. You’ll never lose, even in death.

If heaven is so good, why is everyone trying to stay on earth?

Fear, being a coward. You don’t know what happens after death do you? Even if I told you, would you believe it?

Need proof? Well I’ve got proof. Now it all begins with you.

In around 3 hours, I’ll be on a bus to Genting highlands.  It’s my first time there and I’m pretty excited about it. Although I’m not exactly close with the group I’m traveling with, hey.. I have 600 RM. I’m going on a spree, You’ll probably get a gift or something. You know what I’m even more excited about? THE TRIP BACK!

That’s right. If you haven’t heard, I was meters away from literal death the last time I came down a mountain by bus. I think it was last year around this time.. yeah probably.

Genting theme park is also known as the theme park of death. To flying heads to literal flying bodies, I hope I’m not that lucky. If I’m going to die, please make it by the bus trip.. OH and on the return trip. Let me at least spend all the money on food.

See all of you soon, whenever.