by Mikuhaeru

Finally got to watch the movie Limitless after searching high and low on the internet.

Wikipedia’s a thing so you don’t need me to read it out for you but maybe interested to know what I thought of it. Drugs.

Yes, such pill does wonders and who wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of those. But side effects are really something to consider. Not just physical side effects, but relational side effects. Made me thought of the things I was taking. Which reminds me.. I have to clear that medication stash.

But enough of that. Lets play a game of poker. I’m gonna share a little secret. After all the cards have been played, pass all the dares and chances taken. I can do the math with probability. It comes down to how much you win. I could win 50 games with a pool of 2 dollars each OR win 20 games with a pool of 5 dollars each. The little trick is be offensive with your defense waiting patiently for the punch to be thrown carefully snapping his arm in the right place. Not killing him just to let him throw another punch. Carefully draining their energy and enjoying their downfall instead of having the upper hand and scaring your competition.

And then again.. I’m not in the position to win this game. Not the way I want to win anyway. It seems even standing still doesn’t work anymore. It’s been so long I didn’t even know that. But maybe it’s time to move. And thanks for pointing out the right direction, away. Lets pretend that I’m alive.