by Mikuhaeru

If a confused cow ever wanted to be an anime it would be C³. This sad piece of potential was thrown around and left in the dark cold corner of slow growing moss only to be saved, but also looked at in a strange way, by being closely decorated to resemble a wedding cake. It’s like god has finally found the perfect category mash for an anime but left it to apple for it’s production. If they published a book for you, you’ll receive a hardcover book simply decorated but will soon realize that there are far too little pages to fill it’s spine and aren’t even evenly distributed. It seems cutting corners has never been so random. It’s either they ran out of printing pages or a desperate substituted for toilet paper.

If you still don’t get what I mean here’s a little example. A victim was trapped in an “Iron maiden”,  somehow the victim is then set free without much noticeable wounds and makes their get away. No explanation.  Guess what happens next? THE END.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked this anime. Although it has this habit of pulling erotic jokes out of no where. The deathly “insane-ness” of this movie is really what got me into it but looks like it was just a one off thing cause I never saw such a scene again.. It’s the kind of anime you’ll be hooked onto the characters and it’s sad to see it end. Love the anime, hate it’s producers.