Genuineness of celebration.

by Mikuhaeru

Today was an eventful day.

Although my videos are still stuck..

Anyway today Sim and Chow gave me a little surprise. I was being a little moody and physically tired as I was just sitting around at a playground. Having a small heart talk with Sim, I was interrupted by a familiar shout. A candle lit and enthusiastic singing. Let me try to describe this feeling. This wasn’t THAT birthday song sung every year. The tone was so genuine, filled with joy, like a celebration of your birth, instead of a celebration of your survival. No fancy presents. No 200 dollar keyboards, iPads, cash. Just a small cake, and your friends singing. Cheering, loud banging.

I couldn’t be more happy. This day, was supposed to be like every other day, just with a few more calls and text then usual. And of course Facebook post. People who remember your birthday just by Facebook reminders. On a side note, I’m not saying if you forget your friend’s birthday, you’ll be stoned to the ground. Personally, I don’t think getting reminded of a birthday is as bad as not taking the time to celebrate it with them. Celebrating your own birth sounds a little pathetic. But when people celebrate YOU with genuineness, the feeling cannot be clearly described. Getting back on track, I was supposed to be at home, gaming the day away. I don’t want to celebrate my birth. I didn’t want to be part of the recurring circle, just another new year, relatives take you out for a meal. But today wasn’t by chance, it was an effort made.

Family isn’t the blood you have, it’s the people you spend your life with. Time and tides WILL hold people together. Blood. My blood family is mostly concerned with blood, nothing less than the family name. Stopping at nothing to tear you away with the people you love and grown up with. I’ve had enough of my blood.

Today is special. My 18th birthday. No flashy celebration, no flashy gifts. Just filled with love. Painfully loving, with the genuineness in celebration of birth.