Dragon nest, FTG and ABP.

by Mikuhaeru

What is Dragon nest?

I just love this picture.

Dragon nest has release it’s 150th day patch. Lots of free stuff, celebration. They’ve also implemented the new system called FTG (Fatigue) which replaces ABP (Blessing points). ABP gives the player bonus EXP after ever dungeon. You get 700 a day, and usually lose 300 per round.”Partying” with people decrease the amount of points eaten.

Training had already been dead slow, without the bonus, you’ll have to take every annoying side quest that comes your way in order to make a significant difference. Feel like Fetching grapes? Getting a cat down from a tree?

We were recently introduced to FTG which is similar to ABP, however you get 40%+ exp all a round. Eating around 30 per round. (Thirty) I was overjoyed. This was clearly the best thing that has happen since MMO RPGs…. well maple story had a similar thing going on a few years back but who plays that game anymore.

Yeah, clearly not. Just as the system was released, thousands… yes thousands of players (This is Dragon nest SEA so this includes PH, MY … SG.. and theres some other country that’s pretty rich.. ) rioted. Yeah.. well this is an online game so you can’t burn buses, shops and loot. (Well I guess you can loot) But they did what they could!

Used in game items which you have to buy with money to announce their displeasure. (WE’RE UNHAPPY.. TAKE MY MONEY.)

Vandalizing the CEO’s Facebook page, which surprisingly he takes very well.

And… massive pictures? I don’t know, the Dragon nest community is full of shit. Not to stereotype but most communities are full of shit. The Maplestory community, the DotA community, the MW2 community. (We should commit genocide of children won’t shut up online, aged 15 and below)

Basically, when you hit level 40(the max level currently) Your FTG consumption jumps to around 300. Unlike ABP, if you run out of points, you are unable to enter the dungeon at all. This only affects level 40’s because they need to enter these dungeons to farm for items.

It’s terribly sad. For them. But I’m having a time of my life!

Sure, I’m a noob. But I’m a happy noob.

I took around 4 days to get from 16 – 24. Today I helped friends get to that level in a matter of hours. This is wonderful. But will I be affected by it soon? My main account is 5 levels away from maxing out. It’s kind of like being Russian communist.  They take the cow and give you milk. Sometimes that’s enough. It’s not your usual share of milk. It’s not even milk from the cow you gave them!

What I meant was..