‎100 Truths about Me. (HAHAHA..)

by Mikuhaeru

But before that listen to this awesome “happy mood kind of song”

1. Nickname(s) : Mike (If you count that.) , Blood. (IGN)
2. Original Eye colour: Black
3. Blood Type: O (Generous blood)
4. Male or Female: Male
5. Birth Date: 16th of July
6. Elementary School: St Stephens
7. High School: SPS
8. College: CENTRAL.
9. Original Hair Colour: Black
10. Overall or Tops: Overalls give better stats, but prefer to have a top and bottom for individual stats bonuses.
11. Shorts or Jeans: Shorts
12. Phone or Camera: Camera phones.. suck. I’ll take a Canon D-60 please!
13. Health Freak: Yes, 34k hp is just not enough!…
14. Orange or Apple: Hey… apple.
15. Do you have a crush on someone: No.
16. Have you cried over a girl/boy:
17. Broken Bones: Few years ago, my hip. ( I have to copy and paste the whole thing from a friend’s friend and reading his replies as I delete them. “Eh kid, got into many fights need to say here for what? Want to break bones because of fights just call me! Yeah you


This is me. >> http://www.facebook.com/ProJectBlackShop (Call me, maybe.)

18. 100plus or coke: Coke.
19. Been in an airplane: Yes.
20. Been in a relationship: Yes.
21. Been in a car accident: Yes.
22. Been in a fight: Nope.

23. First broken bone: Scroll up!

24. Best Friends: none!

25. First Award: Not sure.
26. First crush: Liiiipingggggg (How are you?)
28. First phone: Nokia, the unbreakable one.
29. Last person you texted: Can’t remember
30. Last person you talked to: Sim
32. Last food you ate: Instant noodles.
33. Last movie you watched:Laughing gor
34. Last song you listened to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMakyJonkbE&feature=g-u-u&context=G2bf8851FUAAAAAAACAA
35. Last thing you bought: Cherry credits card… waste of money..
36. Last beverage: Water
37. Last phone call: Phone uh.. Skype with Sim.
38. Favourite sport: Foam spots. Paintball.
39. Bottoms: … heh?
40. Flower: Bluetac
41. Animal: Honey badger!
42: Colours: Black and green. (Razer, I’m still pissed off at your configuration)
43. Movie: WRATH OF THE TITANS.. later
44. Subject: COMMERCE.

HAVE YOU EVER: (Put an x in the brackets if yes)
45. [x] Fallen in love with someone. (Bloody kid making my like difficult.. have to edit so much..
46. [x] Celebrated Halloween.
47. [] Had your heart broken. (Heart break jiu die liao right?)
48. [x] Went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone. (6 years ago)
49. [x] Had someone like you. (Recently terrifying..)
50. [x] Been to LAN
51. [x] Got lost in a shopping mall.
52. [] Went to a disco (A DISCO?! HAHAHAHAHA…)
53. [x] Did something you regretted (Recently. Terrifying.)
54. [ ] Broke a promise
55. [x] Hid a secret
56. [x] Pretended to be happy
57. [x] Met someone who changed your life
58. [x] Pretended to be sick
59. [x] Left the country, for a trip << seriously? No I left the country to .. aid in the kidnapped of children in Africa. IT’S STILL A DAMN TRIP.
60. [x] Tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it. (Probably)
61. [] Cried over a little thing. (NO. IT WAS A VERY BIG THING.. Shuffle chess pieces.)
62. [x] Ran a mile
63. [x] Went to the beach with your best friend
64. [x] Got into an argument with your friends
65. [] Disliked someone (HATE is not descriptive enough.)
66. [x] Stayed single for 4 years since the first time you had a boyfriend/girlfriend (I feel so old now.)

67. Eating: Nothing.
69. Listening to: My fan.. blowing..
70. Sitting/laying: …. Flying.
71. Plans for today: Go to sleep. (8 in the morning.)
72. Waiting for: (I just realised this kids facebook name is “sadneko sya” HOLY FUCK. I’VE HAD IT. WHERE IS YOUR ZXCCZXZXCVZXCVZXCVXCVBNM<<<RFGYUHIJOKL<:”>
74. Want to get married: The question is.. do YOU want to get married.
75. Career/Business: Successful.
76. Lips or Eyes: Wait, currently lips or eyes?
77. Shorter or Taller: Then what?..
78. Romantic or spontaneous: I aspire to be like Chow.
79. Lively or Emotional: Lively.
80. Older or younger: Quite old ler.. so don’t need any older. Too old also not fun. I still got youth to burn away. (Plays DN.)
81. Hook-up or Relationship: BROTHERHOOD FTW.
82. Looks or Personality: Honestly, I’m too lazy to look the part. Although I do put in effort.

83. Lost specs/contacts: Yea
84. Run out of a house: Slowly and steathy.
85. Held a knife for self defence: The kids reply>> (No. But I have imagined situations where I’ll need a penknife to do so.)

Have you met MR.Blackhawk?
86. Killed somebody: Many times. at a 55 kill streak! (DotA reference)
87. Killed an animal: mm…
88. Broken someone’s heart: Many times! DIE YOU WORTHLESS NOOB. (It is now I realized I’m getting high on lack of sleep.)
89. Cried when someone died: Long long ago, no idea why.. (I mean it)
90. Yourself: Yes. Just that I’m too lazy.
91. Miracles: YES.
92. Love at first sight: Maybe, but please say a few lines to confirm it.
93. Heaven: Yes.
94. Santa Claus: Yes.
95. Aliens: Yes.
96. Ghosts/Spirits: Yes.
97. God: Yes.
98. What you believe in: Wah you scroll up read yourself.
100. Do you know who your true friends are: Where the FUCK is 99?