Wrath of the Deepatipapatipo

by Mikuhaeru


I’ll be reviewing this movie from a perspective of someone who has NOT watched Clash of the Beeppatiboobpitipo because clearly, the first movie had not struck me as a good .. film. Either that or that one Percy Jackson film is eating too much of my brain cells. Right, Percy is the son of leviathan Poseidon  and Perci…ous? – Is the son of Zues. You might think if they were all powerful gods they could create their own private whore house and call it eart..

Lets take you up to speed, Gods are dying. (In my dictionary “GODS” don’t die. So I’m going to replace the word god starting from now with the word… peanuts .. or toothpaste.. subjected to my liking.) And the creator of peanuts has offered the toothpastes that in exchange for draining one of the peanuts power it will grant the rest of the toothpaste ETERNAL LIFE!~

I personally thought it was a wonderful movie, the special creatures looks specially intimidating. The effects look pretty pleasing. Titans everywhere! Well I thought wrong. Maybe everything with Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet dreams are made of these” just looks so.. epic. Maybe its just me, but it wasn’t what I expected.

If you enjoy watching heros winning at the last moment even though their not physically or mentally worthy this is a movie for you. Or you just want a taste of Greek. Looks like a few million people want a taste of Greek.