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by Mikuhaeru


Everyday, around 10* ban requests are posted in each room. With nearly all of them getting approved, it’s safe to say that a large number of game spoilers are being banned every few days. But I would like to bring to your attention a problem that this system faces.

Leavers(Players)/AFK/Game Spoiling/BadMouthing: 
1st Offence – 15 Days from the moderated rooms it occurred in
2nd Offence – 30 Days from the moderated rooms it occurred in
3rd Offence – 30 Days from All Garena Moderated Rooms

1st Offence – 30 Days from the moderated rooms it occurred in
2nd Offence – 60 Days from the moderated rooms it occurred in
3rd Offence – 60 Days from All Garena Moderated Rooms

Like others have stated in old threads, 15 days in a single moderated room isn’t that of a deterrence. They’ll just play in other rooms. All users deserve a chance, fine.

Today, I go through the regular motion of uploading bans, but it’s 4 in the morning, and I’m unsure if I’ve upload a certain batch of replays before. So I use the search function. In a random check of six users, four of them have five or more negative records. One of them has a outstanding unprocessed ban.

I don’t blame moderates. Who has the time to search every single username for every ban request that has been posted? Clearly it is the players JOB to search(which has a thirty second delay interval) and post below appropriately.

Please play in the moderated rooms to enjoy a better gaming experience? Sure!

A typical gamer’s mindset, even after reading the rules, would be he has three strikes of “moderated” game play before he is officially banned. For the sake of discussion, we will deem that ALL moderated rooms have the same quality of games. Banned from room 21, move to room 22. Banned from room 22, move to room 23 and so on. Assuming that all reports on this person was not filtered by the search function and that a typical time for a ban request to take into effect is two days on average, a total of more than 14 games will have been banned before a “Global” 30 day ban is issued. (Given the fact that not ALL leavers are reported, and that some games go well for said person.)

A total of 11988 ban request have been posted till date and 322 UNBAN request. Assuming that each ban/unban request is for a single person, percentage of players that actually request an unban from moderated rooms have only hit 2.686%

Two, percent.

The problem is, players aren’t even noticed that they are being banned. We aren’t talking about the players that create thousands and thousands of accounts to maphack in every game they choose, we’re talking about players that don’t even NOTICE the ban system exist. Every time you enter a room, system messages pop up, do not spam, clearly. Yet I have the pleasure of reporting unfortunate, uneducated gamer’s that “ctr C ctr V ctr V2 ctr V3 ctr V4 ctr V5” their sorrows away.

(Just in, I just clicked the Garena chat and searched a random user, DontmessaroundD
8 ban request. Eighteen.)

Level requirement rooms have not been introduced even after massive suggestions from the community.
as a 94% positive rating before closing the poll.
 link just for reference.

There was a thread that discussed why the bans on first time leavers was not in ALL moderated rooms but I’ve forgotten the title. Clearly, everyone knows leaving a game is an offense. Clearly it’s not as bad as rage quitting a game in counter strike, but for obvious reasons. Fifteen days is nothing, everyone knows that. Unless they are regular players that plan on building reputation in the DotA community, it’s nothing. Thirty days? Three months? I doubt its life changing. If Garena even makes money off gold membership, it’s a ticket to solving all your problems. Ban every leaver permanently in moderated rooms. Knowing that there’s such a strict rule in place more people would want to join moderated rooms. Moderated rooms will then be level based, and levels are based on PER GAME not per minute spent afking or god forbid hacks. Few dollars to play in a leaver free environment? I’ll tap that.

This is a forum so please discuss your thoughts. Correct me where I’m wrong and I’ll edit, I’m not re-reading through this wall of text a 2nd time. And where there are questions, there should be answers. And the community wants answers.
Not answers like

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thank you for your interest.
it can be done , but we are still in the midst of sorting out issues that may happen after the level requirement is implemented.


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if you have concrete evidence of a user hacking, you may wish to post a ban request for that user. we can’t stop them from recreating
new garena accounts, but if they do, lets be gracious and give them that second chance.
thank you.

I’m sorry ioen, I only caught you abiding by rules.