Typing in “perfect English”.

by Mikuhaeru

Today a player commented on the way I was typing, and proceeded to insult me for it. Now this may not come to you as a surprise, but wait till you find out what why he thought it was funny.

  1. I started every sentence with capital letters.
  2. I used full stops.
  3. I used every other punctuation.

First and foremost, everyone knows my English is terrible. I speak terrible English, I write terribly and I spell like a twelve year old. A blind one. Only to crush you doubts with my handwriting. But this is how I type, this is how everyone should type. By all means, it’s actually good for you. But to laugh at someone who types with punctuation? Cool.

So why does a guy like me try his best to type comprehensibly? Simple. Trying to impress a girl.

Not so much of impress, more of getting her to at most stand my virtual company. It’s the price to pay if you want to talk to a smart girl.

Anyway, I stuck with it over the years, a good habit. Now you know.