Consumer’s guide to USS

by Mikuhaeru

So I just came back from USS (Universal Studios Singapore) a few hours ago and thought it would share my experience with you, a consumers experience. Unswayed by companies and marketing schemes. An opinion, for you to decided if it’s worth your time and the price tag.

  • Admission

Today I reached at 9. Mind you, it was not a public holiday, however the start of the school holidays for tertiary education, (Poly, ITE) and a Monday(9/12). How was the crowd? The queue was around an hour to one and a half hours long. Tip: it is never too early to be in line for tickets.

The queue was a painful sight, but as I was about to line up I was approached by a man (His name was David, I saw his commission papers) working under Resort world Singapore who offered us their membership. Why was it attractive at that time?

  1. Beat the queue, you’re obviously too late to start.
  2. Two tickets with express passes worth the price of the membership itself.

They have other attractive benefits like free parking (I took the MRT), lounge usage(It’s really small and more of an information counter then a lounge) and other rich men upgrades. (Hotel stays) I bought it because it’s the same price as the tickets anyway. I wouldn’t really recommend this if you’re going there for a one off thing, but you could give that place a look, maybe there are some holes I was not aware of.

  • Ambiance

It felt like a whole new place. Like I was in a new country. This could have been because of a few reasons. Tourist, everywhere. After all it is a tourist attraction. It was also my first time to a Universal studios theme park, so that could have played a big part in my astonishment and excitement.

  • Food

Over priced, as usual. If you’re low on cash, have lunch at Aston’s, which is located not too far from the theme park itself. (Outside the theme park) Which is probably the cheapest food you’ll get for it’s standard in Sentosa anyway. Or theres MacDonald’s, somewhere.. yeah there’s always that..

  • Rides

Without any spoilers I’ll just rate the five so called attractions from the highest to the lowest.

  1. Battle star Galactica (Blue)
  2. Transformers
  3. Mummies revenge
  4. Battle star Galactica (Red)
  5. Jurassic park
  6. Shrek 4D
  7. Madagascar
  • Queues for rides

It depends on your point of view. Some lines take hours to move. So if you want to catch up with your love ones, I guess it isn’t that bad. (However I suggest the sea view with an old country background in the theme park itself.) However if you’ll like to waltz through the theme park to enjoy everything in one day you’ll NEED an express pass. Besides, there’s that wonderful feeling as you boss your way pass queuing peasants.

Personal opinion? It was worth my time spend with two close friends.